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We always try to provide our valuable customers with excellent customer service. here are some helpful hints that you can follow to help us provide you with excelllent customer service.
For 24 hour taxi service, give us a call at (250) 563-3333 today - your taxi is on the way!

Helpful Information

  • If your Cab does not arrive within 15 minutes please give us another call and inform your call taker this is a callback. This allows us to track your taxi order and determine how soon your taxi will arrive.
  • If you would like our computer to call you at your residence or cell phone when the taxi arrives, please advise us when placeing your call. This will help you know when we arrive.
  • If you require a vehicle for 5 passengers, please advise our call taker as many of our vehicles are equipped to carry only 4 passengers. This will save you from having your trip re-dispatched causing additional waiting time.
  • If there are stopping restrictions where you are calling from, please be at curbside. This will ensure you will not miss your taxi. .
  • If you have ordered a taxi and have changed your mind, please give us a call back to cancel your arrangements. Also, please make sure that you only call one company at a time. This assists us by providing other customers with prompt service, as our Taxi are not required to go to pick up points where they will not be required.